I have a requirement to a selected email(s) to Outlook through an Add-In. I need it to work with the Outlook client app as well as Outlook Online. I put together a simple VSTO plugin in the Outlook client app which works but I want to do this through an Add-In now.

I have been through this tutorial to save email attachments to OneDrive which has similar functionality. Attachments to OneDrive Git

I like the functionality of this and would like to save emails to SharePoint the same way.

Does anyone have a good tutorial for doing this? Or a reference for the libraries? I'll post my progress for others as I get through it. I just haven't been able to find exactly what I'm looking for with this.

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There are three out of the box ways to save emails into SharePoint library. For more detailed information, refer to the article below.

3 out of the box ways to save emails in SharePoint.

And you also could save outlook email to SharePoint programmatically. For more detailed information, refer to the article below.

Office 365 – Save Outlook e-mails & attachments to SharePoint Online programmatically.


We have created an Outlook AddIn that is working cross platform/device, hence also working for OWA. We have decided to make the Add-In free to all small teams up to 5 persons. The free version has no restrictions, no ads and support full functionality which includes:

  • Save emails and attachments to SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive
  • Capture email properties automatically
  • Attach files to new email including converting to PDF on -the-fly
  • Works cross platform and device, i.e. Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Web

It can be downloaded from our site https://axpoint.com

Hope this free version can help you being more productive

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