I have created image carousel SPFx web-part which is set as auto-play equal to true and on click of image there is modal pop up, its working fine.

But when I click on image my modal pop up open but my auto-play keep on running how to set it false on click and on pop up close set it to true.

<div className={styles.reactCarousel}>
  <Carousel showThumbs={false} autoPlay={true} >
    {this.state.items.map((imageList, key) => {
      return (<div>
        <img src={imageList.Image ? imageList.Image["Url"] : ''} />
        <p className={styles.legends} onClick={() => { this._onClickItem(imageList.Title) }}>{imageList.Title}</p>
    {this.state.items1.map((description) => {
      return (<div>

        <div dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{ __html: description.Body }} />
      containerClassName={styles.container} >
      <div >
        <span id={this._titleId}></span>
      <div id={this._subtitleId}>
        <DefaultButton onClick={this._closeModal} text="Close" />
        {this.state.items2.map((items2) => {
          return (<div>
            <img src={items2.Image ? items2.Image["Url"] : ''} />


I would suggest to use a state variable to set the value of autoPlay for your carousel.

Assuming, you have a property with isAutoPlay: boolean in your state:

You can set the autoPlay to true on web-part initialization as:

this.setState({ isAutoPlay: true });

In your onClick function, set this property to false like:

this.setState({ isAutoPlay: false });

And finally onDismiss of your Modal pop-up again set this property to true.

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  • thank you it is working as expected , i have one more query can i emmbedd video src in carousel it can play on carousel or in Modal popup – kumar Oct 10 '19 at 2:11
  • 1
    React JS Carousel does supports Videos. You can read about it at React JS Carousel Features. – Ganesh Sanap Oct 10 '19 at 4:23

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