We're trying to customize a Content query web-part to use dynamic data (page Id) and a concatenated character (; or |) to populate the query.

I've tried writing a QueryOverride like this, but not surprisingly the dynamic element doesn't work in the CAML query:

            <FieldRef Name="RelatedDocId" />
            <Value Type="Text">[PageFieldValue:Document ID Value]</Value>

I've also tried to concatenate the character on the end of the FilterValue1 value, but it's ignored or returns nothing depending on its position.

<property name="FilterValue1" type="string">[PageFieldValue:ae3e2a36-125d-45d3-9051-744b513536a6:_dlc_DocId:Text]|</property>

I don't think there's a way to set the QueryOverride value of the web-part with JavaScript, which would make things easier.

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