I'm using sharepoint to host a website with differing levels of access for users. I have a basic landing page in a folder to which everyone has access. This then loads html elements from different sub folders with more specific access rights.

On a previous version of sharepoint, this worked great. Those components to which people had access, loaded. Those HTML elements in folders they didn't have access to, didn't load.

Since upgrading to sharepoint 2016 this concept is functioning but with one problem: SharePoint is inserting its own restricted access messages and divs into my website which I don't want there. Is there a way to override this and stop sharepoint messages showing up on my pages?

Initially I was loading content from various folders using HTML:

<div class="load-html" id="xyz" data-source="accessLevel2/accessLevel2data.html">

I've since changed this to a javascript function with an error handler. Was thinking I might be able to hide the sharepoint HTML after it loads using a jquery hide function perhaps $(".sharepointDiv").hide();

Is there an easier way to do this?

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