I am creating a sign-up list for a company potluck, and I want to show the number of certain dish types that have already been signed up for. Details:

I have two lists: Potluck Signup List, and Dish Type Lookup List.

The Dish Type Lookup has 3 columns: Dish Type, Count of Dish Type, and Dish Type Total. There are 3 records in the list showing the available Dish Types (Main Dish, Side Dish, Dessert).

The Signup list has a Lookup to Dish Type Lookup populating a dropdown with the items from the Dish Type column of the Lookup List. In the Lookup list, the Count of Dish Type is a lookup back to the Signup list showing the Count of Related items. It shows how many items in the Signup List have each Dish Type selected (i.e 3 for Main Dish or 2 for Dessert).

Dish Type Total is just a Number field I'm using because Lookup fields can't be used for some things. I've got a workflow updating this value successfully.

I've created an InfoPath Form for the Signup List. What I'm having trouble with is that I want a label (Calculated Value field) to show the number of people who've already signed up to bring the type of dish chosen by the Form user. For example, say I am signing up to bring a Side Dish. I want to show on the Form that 2 other people have already signed up to bring Side Dishes.

I have two data connections in the InfoPath Form: Main (Signup List), and Secondary (Lookup List).

I added the Calculated Value field, and set it to retrieve the Dish Type Total from the Lookup List. By default, it will show only the first row's value, so I wanted to add a filter. My filter is:

Dish Type (Secondary) = Type of Dish (Main)

When I try to publish though, I get the error in the question title. The full error is:

Control binding is not supported: Binding a non-repeating control to a repeating field or group is not supported in SharePoint list forms. To fix this problem, remove the control or replace it with a repeating control, such as repeating section or table.

When I try to add a table and put the Calculated Value field into it and create the binding to Dish Type Total (Secondary), I get the following error:

A repeating table must be bound to a field or group that repeats. In addition, the field or group must contain other fields.

I feel like I'm going in circles now, and have been working on this for hours. Web searches have proven fruitless. How can I get the current value of Dish Type Total from the Lookup List to show in a field on my InfoPath Form based on the value of the Dish Type Dropdown?

Thank you in advance. If I can clarify anything, please let me know!

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