We are interested in connecting to the Common Data Service API from a SpFx webpart which can be done via Postman using the following application ID:

'00000007-0000-0000-c000-000000000000': 'Dynamics CRM Online'

Which in the AAD has the name "Common Data Service".

Trying to do this using the AadHttpClient we add the following in package-solution.json:

    "resource": "Common Data Service",
    "scope": "user_impersonation"

However when this is approved by Tenant Admin it adds a different app:

'82f77645-8a66-4745-bcdf-9706824f9ad0': 'PowerApps Runtime Service'

Which also is named "Common Data Service" however shows up as "Previous version CDS OBSOLETE - DO NOT USE" in "SharePoint Online Client Extensibility Web Application Principal - Permissions" section.

So have the following questions:

  1. Will this approach work for accessing the Common Data Service API if we can get around the obsolete 'PowerApps Runtime Service' application?
  2. Is there a way of getting around this?

We have tried using the objectid in the "Resource" field but this caused an error upon approval (which is noted in the docs).

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