My organisation has moved over to SharePoint relatively recently. Most of the usual teething problems have been ironed out, but this one has been driving the programmers mad:

When we sync a folder from SharePoint Online, the local file path it creates depends entirely on the level at which we sync. So, if I sync fairly high up, my local file path looks like:


Whereas, if my colleague just wants to sync the folders for Project3, her local file path looks like:

C:/Users/crowsColleague/Department - Project3/Code/

This is very annoying when we're trying to share code which points to other files within this folder structure.

(We are not having any luck using direct links to files on SharePoint Online - security settings, I suspect.)

So, Is there an option we can check, or something we can ask IT to change, which would give us all the same local folder structure, irrespective of the level at which we sync?

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