I have a SharePoint Modern Communication site that has "follow" button. This button is not working for few users. They see the "Follow" option, but on clicking the button, nothing happens.

I am getting the following error in console:

https://root/sitecollurl/_vti_bin/homeapi.ashx/sites/followed/add 500 (Internal Server error)

They are not able to follow a site from https://root/_layouts/sharepoint.aspx as well.

Any known issues with follow option?

Following Content feature is active.

  • Can you please try deactivating and again activating the Following Content feature on a site level?? – Ganesh Sanap Oct 1 at 5:40
  • Can you log in with their account and test at your end to see the result? Also switching to another browser would be an option. – Chelsea_MSFT Oct 1 at 9:12
  • Thanks for your comments. Switching to browser or even the machine and deactivating&activating the feature didn't had any effect. This is happening across all the site collections and I am able to follow/unfollow when logged in using the same browser in the user's machine. – Obiliraj Oct 2 at 4:42
  • 3
    Can you please check whether My sites are created for the particular user – Shahul Hameed Dec 9 at 1:49

Please try to disable the limited user access lockdown mode site feature. Generally 500 errors in SPO trace back to permissions related issues. See more here:


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