I have created a Calendar list added the event in the Calendar. And connected to outlook.

The calendar is showing events on Outlook only for first time. But the events are not showing with from the Outlook created events on SharePoint and the events are not showing which are created from SharePoint 2013 list.

The below error is showing on an Outlook pop-up - send/receive progress error:

Task 'SharePoint' reported error (0x80040102) : 'Outlook cannot connect to the SharePoint List (DevSmart - EventCalendar). The server may not be reachable from your location. Contact the SharePoint site administrator for more information.  HTTP 400.'

I tried to resolve from Outlook - SharePoint Lists, double-click on the check box "Display this list on the other computers with the account".

Is there any way to resolve this this?

  • can you sync a library in outlook. I would try it as a test is it just issue with calendar or general connectivity issue. Other thing that may be causing issue is if certain verbs are disabled on SP server. Some auto sec checks are flagging verbs on iis as not secure and admins remove them causing issues with the office client communication. – Marek Sarad Sep 20 '19 at 14:16

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