I'm using spfx and react, i have toggle on WebPart properties, and i want to re redner when toggle was change in the .Ts page not in Tsx, i have no idea how to do this, there is no SetState on .ts. I want when toggle is changed, List get the other list (bascule with ListA and ListB)

public render(): void {

    const element: React.ReactElement<IFaqProps > = React.createElement(
        List : this.this.properties.checkToggle==true? this.ListA : this.ListB


    ReactDom.render(element, this.domElement);


protected getPropertyPaneConfiguration(): IPropertyPaneConfiguration {

      return {
        pages: [
            header: {
              description: strings.PropertyPaneDescription
            groups: [
                groupName: strings.BasicGroupName,
                groupFields: [
                PropertyPaneTextField('description', {
                  label: 'description'

                PropertyPaneToggle('checkToggle', {
                label : "Toggle",
               checked : false,
               onText : "Yes",
               offText: "NO"


Custom onPropertyPaneFieldChanged to re-render webpart.

Sample code.

protected onPropertyPaneFieldChanged(propertyPath: string, oldValue: any, newValue: any): void {
    if (propertyPath === 'listName' && newValue) {
      // push new list value
      super.onPropertyPaneFieldChanged(propertyPath, oldValue, newValue);
      // refresh the item selector control by repainting the property pane
      // re-render the web part as clearing the loading indicator removes the web part body
    else {
      super.onPropertyPaneFieldChanged(propertyPath, oldValue, oldValue);

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