(fyi I'm using the Online apps) I added a bunch of events to an outlook group calendar it's for an O365 group that is connected to it's own SharePoint Team Site, Planner, etc. I added these events using Outlook.

The events show up in the Outlook calendar and on the SharePoint home page Event webpart: Outlook CalendarEvent webpart

But if I go to the calendar view of Events via Site contents(/Events/calendar.aspx) or the all Events page (/_layouts/15/Events.aspx) neither of them contain any events that I created Calendar viewAll events

I'm not sure if I missed a setting but I'd like all of the events in the events list to show up consistently if anyone has and information on how I could fix this or if it is a known issue please let me know thanks

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What browser do you use? Try using Internet Explorer.

You can look at the following similar situations:

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