We have a little confusion here as to which security patches we should be applying to our SharePoint 2010 Enterprise farm. The following states there is a patch for Foundation Server, but nothing for Enterprise 2010 Server. Why is this? Is the security patch covered elsewhere? Where?



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if you apply the SharePoint Server 2010 September 2019 CU, it will cover all the security fix (CVE-2019-1257,CVE-2019-1260, CVE-2019-1295).

You have SharePoint server then it is advisable to install the server cu which include the foundation cu as well.

  • Thanks! Is there a reason why there is no specific HotFix - type patch for this though? Seems odd to me there is no specific one for it being a security vulnerabilty
    – Kolten
    Sep 18, 2019 at 1:24

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