I'm trying to automate the installation of sharepoint add-ins. I have added an spfx add to the tenant add-in catalog and then used pnp:s AppManager to install it to a site. I gave it the product id as identifier when installing it which worked. However, when I request a list of the installed apps I don't get any reference to the product id. I have tried two ways to get information about the installed app but they don't show the same data which makes me confused

The following code

var appInstance = Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.AppCatalog.GetAppInstances(ctx, ctx.Web);

return this

    AppPrincipalId: "i:0i.t|ms.sp.int|952f11a8-20b4-47b6-b9c6-f2bfec776921@0926b528-7a8c-4cc6-acdf-66f2149b07bb"
    AppWebFullUrl: null
    Context: {Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientContext}
    Id: {081db144-1b55-430a-be8f-a4587ab56ead}
    ImageFallbackUrl: null
    ImageUrl: null
    InError: false
    ObjectData: {Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientObjectData}
    ObjectVersion: null
    PackageFingerprint: {byte[64]}
    Path: {Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ObjectPathIdentity}
    ProductId: {1f2b6b35-66db-4161-bb72-d5072c87de4b}
    RemoteAppUrl: null
    ServerObjectIsNull: false
    SettingsPageUrl: null
    SiteId: {eb5e8bd4-fe75-4b36-a65b-1e2b9a870433}
    StartPage: null
    Status: Installed
    Tag: null
    Title: "Doc Library Mobile View"
    TypedObject: {Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.AppInstance}
    WebId: {37818d98-d2b9-4d79-804b-b1cdc83c1de5}

As you can see the productId is there and an Id which I guess is the instance id.

However, if I instead use the AppManager from pnp

var manager = new AppManager(ctx);
var siteApps = manager.GetAvailable();

I get the following result

    AppCatalogVersion: {}
    CanUpgrade: false
    Deployed: true
    Id: {9b7fd7c7-8c8f-41cf-b8ae-861392665e56}
    InstalledVersion: {}
    IsClientSideSolution: true
    Title: "Doc Library Mobile View"

This id is not the same as the one from the first request. What are all the different ids?

The problem I get is that I can't see if an add-in is already installed if I'm don't use the title of the add-in which doesn't feel that secure.

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