I need to someone pass users for spfx webpart to show or not show a properties. Nativly we can do it by passing or not pass context web in getPropertyPaneConfiguration(). But the webpart will be on all sites. And I need to pass a link for the site where can I set users with example (SPPermission.createGroups. How could I do it ? I havve got this code:

  protected getPropertyPaneConfiguration(): IPropertyPaneConfiguration {
let contextWeb =  this.context.pageContext.web;
let permission = new SPPermission(contextWeb.permissions.value);
let hasPermission = permission.hasPermission(SPPermission.createGroups);

return {
  pages: [

but iI want with site contextWeb pass a url where the Users will be finding for SPPermission.createGroups. Not all sites, but specify site from the link. Please help me.

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