My requirement is delete all events from outlook using MS Flows.

I have tried with below mentioned steps.

select --> Outlook 365 --> add, update or modified Outlook events --> select calendar --> Calendar --> ID __> in Id place i have provided Subject name(It might be wrong)

if condition yes --> delete event v2 no--> Notification

But no luck


Try something like this:

  • Use button as trigger (you can run on demand)
  • Get events - you could use Filter Query to narrow it down the results or use a conditional inside the 'Apply to each' loop
  • Delete the Event
  • Send notification enter image description here

In order for you to delete events you are required to provide the ID of the calendar event.

You could add a custom column (Event ID column) within your SharePoint list to store the Outlook Event Id of the new created event.

Detailed steps you can refer to this similar situation below:


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