I have a form that creates .docx files from a form / word template.

User inputs

  • Firstname = Joe
  • Lastname = Dirt

Then a file is created "Joe Dirt - New Hire.docx"

I like to find a way to get the first letter of the file "J" to then be able to move it to one-drive folder based on the Letter. So move J files to J folder.

I have my SharePoint document viewer all setup to file the Directory Tree "A-Z" Just cant get them in it.

I tried the variable sub string but couldn't get it right.

Anything helps. Thank you.

Current FLow

enter image description here

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You can use Substring() to get the first letter. Initialize a variable at the top (myVariable). Then set the variable with the function

Substring(<First Name>,1,1)

where <First Name> is the Forms field. Now you can use the variable in the Folder Path



As teylyn suggested, you could add an action "Initialize variable". Then use the funtion substring to get the first char of the First name. Like this:

enter image description here

Read this article for more about substring: https://www.timlinenterprises.com/microsoft-flow-substring/

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