In the company I work for, we really work around the clock and more... This get particularly noticeable when we use approval workflows in SharePoint document libraries. If a user in Europe uploads a document, which starts a workflow with an approver in USA, the workflow will be completed before the workflow even was initiated... At least according to the workflow history.

Example of Workflow History

9/11/2019 12:03 AM Workflow Initiated
9/11/2019 9:47 AM Task Completed
9/11/2019 9:47 AM Workflow Completed

Is it possible to prevent this kind of "efficiency" to happen in SharePoint? Can the clock be controlled? Users get confused when they check the workflow history.

  • Is it out of the box approval wf or a custom wf? – Marek Sarad Sep 16 '19 at 10:30
  • It is a standard Approval workflow, out of the box. – Gunilla Sep 16 '19 at 11:56

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