I have 4 streams of actions which filter out selections: 1-10k 11-30k 30-99k 100k+

On my previous question I wanted to avoid heavily nesting items, that has been achieved. Now, I am faced with the problem where, I have 3 Streams that are FALSE and one is TRUE but I don't want to Terminate the whole flow just because they are false.

So, I have a workaround of "Do Until" which will run infinitely, until the flow is forced to terminate.

I was wondering, are there any other methods that are recommended?

Another I can think of is Sending an Email asking for a response which never gets answered. Neither are ideal solutions, but suffice. Are there official ways of performing this? Something like, end this "line of inquiry" if condition is false?

enter image description here


My suggestion would be to just set some variables instead of infinite loops to stop the flow.

By setting Variables you are on top able to configure special behavior given a special constellation of variables.

If you wont need them its at least way faster than a infinite loop till the flow breaks up.

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