Let me first say that I'm sorry if this post seems rather vague. I've been trying for weeks now to connect to SQL Server from a custom Web Part i'm creating using Visual Studio Code, TypeScript, Node.Js and Yeoman @microsoft/generator-sharepoint "No JavaScript framework". I have tried using the mssql module directly but that didn't work so then I tried using tedious and that didn't work. Found out that you can't use those directly from the browser so I tried Knex and TypeORM which both state in the documentation that you can use them from the browser but again, I couldn't get anything to work. Here is my post on github about the issue I ran into with Knex github 2069 this.driver.connection is not a constructor. I was unable to resolve this so I tried TypeORM and ran into the following error: Cannot find module 'tls'.

So, my question is: Can anyone point me to some examples or documentation or anything that I could use to learn how to connect to SQL Server from my Web Part and perform a simple query? Again I'm sorry if I'm asking something stupid here but I'm trying to learn some new languages in a new environment and the last time I did any web coding classic ASP was all the rage. I got beat up pretty bad on another site for asking something similar so, i'm not sure what to do or who to ask.

Thank you for your time

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