I am using SharePoint Designer 2013 connected to my Communication Site, i have tried to add a print button to the command bar but i got 2 problems:

*The first problem is when i add an image to the button, after reloading the page the button disappear i use the default size (32x32).

*Secondly, i want the print button to print multiple items selected in this list so suppose i selected 2 rows the button also disappear from the command bar.

These problem occurs when i use in type of List Experience:Default experience for the site.

If i use classic experience i can see the print button with icon and i can take action to print but also i can't take action to print multiple items selected. What i want is to make it possible on the default experience for the site.

How could i fix the image button and select multiple items to print using SharePoint designer and the default experience for the site?

Where should the print button should appear when selecting multiple rows image

What i did in SharePoint Designer

When it shows using Classic Experience

Thank you !

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