I am using plumFormAutocomplete jQuery plugin in NewForm.aspx to populate suggestions from sharepoint list (visitors) to fill one field (visitors name) and, based on the selection, autocomplete second field (work).

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function () {
//get control for autocomplete field
var fieldControl = $.getFieldControl("Title");
//call autocomplete plugin for field control
sourceList: "visitors",
sourceMatchField: "Title",
labelFields: ['Title', 'work'],
labelSeparator: ', ',
fillConcatenatedLabel: false,
fieldsMapping: [{sourceField: 'work', targetField: 'work'},
        {sourceField: 'Title', targetField: 'Title'}]


Here when I start entering visitor's name from the list "visitors" it shows name suggestions combined with visitors work ("name, work"). And when I select name, it autocompletes work field.

The problem is, that in the "visitors" list there are many duplicate values and I want that suggestions won't be duplicate but grouped by visitors name:

duplicate suggestions

Tried to improvise in jquery.plumFormAutocomplete.js and add groupBy instead of orderBy but it doesn't change anything:

//get CAML query for keyword
function getCamlQuery(colname, keyword) {
var where = "<Where><Contains><FieldRef Name='" + colname + "'></FieldRef><Value Type='Text'>" + keyword + "</Value></Contains></Where>"
// var orderBy = "<OrderBy><FieldRef Name='" + colname + "' Ascending='False' /></OrderBy>"
var groupBy = "<GroupBy><FieldRef Name='" + colname + "'/></GroupBy>"
var query = "<Query>" + where + orderBy + groupBy + "</Query>";
return query;

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you.

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