In classic we had CSR (JSlink) for views and most of the forms.

Field Customizers could replace CSR for list views, as described here:

Migrating from JSLink to SharePoint Framework Extensions

But what about modern forms? How to customize them?


Check out the below options:

  1. You can use PowerApps to customize the SharePoint online List forms.

    Check below article for more information:

    Customize a SharePoint list form by using PowerApps.

  2. You can also use InfoPath(Microsoft will support InfoPath upto 2026) to customize the list forms.

  3. You can also build the fully customized forms using SharePoint Framework and add them to Modern pages.

  4. Third Party tools: Nintex, K2, StratusForms, etc.

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    Thank You @Ganesh!
    – Gennady G
    Aug 30 '19 at 13:01

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