We have implemented kendo's editor in the SPFx react project.


           [OrderedList, UnorderedList],
           [FontSize, FontName, FormatBlock]
]} />

The version of Kendo and react are as follows:

"react": "16.7.0",
    "react-dom": "16.7.0",
   "@progress/kendo-react-buttons": "^3.2.2",
    "@progress/kendo-react-dialogs": "^3.2.2",
    "@progress/kendo-react-dropdowns": "^3.2.2",
    "@progress/kendo-react-editor": "^3.2.2",
    "@progress/kendo-react-intl": "^3.2.2",
    "@progress/kendo-treeview-react-wrapper": "2018.3.1017",
    "@progress/kendo-ui": "2019.1.412"

When we are clicking on FontSize or FontName or Paragraph drop-downs we are getting below error:

react-dom-16-bundle_791915a6503b1e8a50e7c178a48a62a8.js:1 TypeError: Cannot read property 'getCurrentStack' of undefined at pushCurrentDebugStack (react-dom-server.browser.development.js:2464)

However, Bold, Italic buttons, etc. are working correctly.

Thanks in advance for support.

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