I am new to O365 Sharepoint Online.I need to add an organisation chart to my homepage. I am trying to look into some solutions, but all solutions are 3rd party and not microsoft provided as it used to had in Sharepoint 2013 called Organsation Browser in Social Collaboration category. Please let me know if we can add organisation chart in Sharepoint Online.


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For SharePoint online, there is no such feature as a web part. Here is a user voice vote about it, have a check and vote here.

For now, you can check the organization chart via the contact card. Check it here

Or you can see the chart in teams.

As a workaround, you can create a organizational chart via Visio. Then upload it to your SharePoint Online site and add it to your home page.

Create an organization chart automatically from employee data

Display a Visio Diagram on a Web page

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