I'm using sharepoint online (office 365). I created a survey on a subsite and I wanted to share the survey. However I do not see any share button on the page that allows me to share my survey. I've tried other methods online such as using other browsers and enabling site permissions for 'following content' & 'getting started' as shown in this picture: enter image description here

However I am still unable to see the share button to share my survey: enter image description here

On the main site, I could however see the share button. enter image description here. This is quite baffling.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


There is no Share button in a survey list by design.

If you want to share survey list with other users, you can click Settings->Survey settings->permissions for this survey, grant specific users with relevant permission.

  • Hi, I made changes to my post, to inform readers that i can only see the share button on my main site, but not my sub site. – minarose Aug 27 at 9:40
  • what's the site you used? whether it's a modern team site? per my test, the modern team site has no Share button by default. Besides, the share button on the navigation bar is for sharing a site not a survey. – Hellofiona_MSFT Aug 27 at 10:07

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