I am trying to delete a SharePoint Online recycle with more than 1,000,000 list items in it.

Clear-PNPrecycleBinItem -URL $siteURL

It is throwing an error on the limit of 5000 list item threshold.

Even Get-... isn't working.

Any ideas/suggestions?


As the error message says, we have 5000 as the hard limit for list view threshold in SharePoint online. Unlike SharePoint on-premises, this threshold limit can't be increased.

Solution: empty list items in batch by using CSOM method.

SharePoint Online: How to Get All List Items from Large Lists ( >5000 Items):


SharePoint Online: Empty Recycle Bin using PowerShell:


  • Hi Lisa. Thanks for this answer but this doesn't seems to work. Somehow I'm not capable to combine those two scripts into one. – Emiel Sep 9 at 14:24

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