I currently have a program that will upload selected files to specific folder on SharePoint and give access to specific users based on their emails using the SharePoint CSOM API, however I am unable to generate the links for people outside of my domain.

For example: I get


instead of


I am currently retrieving the first link by using the code from here: https://www.c-sharpcorner.com/article/generating-sharing-links-report-and-removing-sharing-links-using-sharepoint-onli/

I have also tried other suggestions I have found on StackExchange such as: Manage links for shared files

All examples I have found like the above all result in the incorrect links.

In case it is not clear currently, I am not after an anonymous link or how to create shared links (as I already have this working), I am after the link that would appear here:

enter image description here

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