I have to functions. In the first, I create a reference to a SharePoint list. I would like to pass the list to a second function. In the second functions list of parameters, I declare it as String

This doesn't work. How do I declare the parameter as being a list?

function GetList()
    [string] $listID,
    [string] $listName
    Write-Host "Provided ListName: " $listName -ForegroundColor Cyan
    Write-Host "The list id is: " $listID -ForegroundColor Red

    $list = Get-PnPList -Identity $listName

     CreateView -list $list


function CreateView() 
    [string] $list

    Add-PnpView -Title "Test View" -List $list -Fields "Title"
    Write-Host "Creating New View"

As per the official documentation below:


  1. Returns a List Object

  2. And outputs Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.List

So instead of using it as a string try using its return type you get.

You can also get the type returned from Get-PnPList, using:

  • Excellent! Thanks. Makes perfect sense! – Martin Muldoon Aug 14 at 16:45

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