Observe in the following screen shot that there are two blank columns on the right handside: WBS# and Theme Key

enter image description here

These should not be blank. I configured them to be mandatory and unique. For example, I configured them by clicking to the document library settings like this:

Settings->SiteContent->Settings (for doc lib) and view the following two screen shots:

enter image description here

And here you can see that mandatory settings, among other settings. Just showing Theme Key for the example (WBS# is configured the same way).

enter image description here

Can anyone explain to me how to obtain the behavior associated with the desired configuration? It is as if the SharePoint settings are being ignored.

Note that I am using Microsoft Teams and started this SharePoint site from that tool. It is using the new Modern UI. I am a team/sharepoint owner, but not the admin for either MS Teams or Sharepoint. I can contact the admin if needed.


This is the new configuration when viewed through the modern interface. Required metadata is no longer required on upload, but required only when the properties are edited.

What you're seeing is 'by design'.

  • But I don't see anywhere to edit those fields, even when I click on the properties. Is that also by design? Is there any way at all to even enter information in those columns? – sapbucket Aug 13 at 23:58
  • I also turned on the "metadata enterprise" column for this doc lib; and nothing happened. The column did not appear. This is baffling. – sapbucket Aug 13 at 23:59
  • From the SPO interface, yes. On Modern views, it is a slide out panel on the right and it will have an 'Edit all' link to edit the properties. The Files panel in Teams is fairly new and always undergoing changes, so it may not support full fidelity of what you see in SPO. – Trevor Seward Aug 14 at 0:00
  • I found that slide out. I clicked the "i" info button->in the slide out panel I clicked "edit all" (this is a folder I'm editing-> and the only field I can edit is the document (folder) name. No matter how many columns I have, it only displays "name" as an editable field. – sapbucket Aug 14 at 0:07
  • Correct, folders do not have metadata associated with them. – Trevor Seward Aug 14 at 0:07

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