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I've created a calculated column for grouping items alphabetically but when I group by this column the group are not sorting right the swedish vocals (ÅÄÖ they should be at the end).

When I sort without grouping is working fine.

Anyone with same issues?

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This is the default behaviour. Even if you only sorted by the calculated column, 'Å' and 'Ä' would still be after 'A' as they are treated as another variant of A.

This is due to the sites regional setting that is handling how characters are treated. (Or more likley the sort-order set for the site).

Site settings > Regional settings and look for "Sort order".

If you can't do that for any reason, you would need to add code to do the grouping differently.

  • Thanks for your answer! when I use sort by only there is no problem and the regional settings work fine, the problem appear when you group by a calculated column, apparently sharepoint does not apply the regional settings when grouping by a calculated column. the question is why. I have made a workaround but it's not the way it should work. =IF(LEFT(Title;1)="å";"za(å)";IF(LEFT(Title;1)="ä";"zb(ä)";IF(LEFT(Title;1)="ö";"zc(ö)";LEFT(Title;1)))) Aug 16, 2019 at 6:42

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