Is it possible to generate a chart webpart that will show data from a sharepoint document library as opposed to a list.

I have over 2000 documents in a library and would like to generate a webpart chart that would show some type of summary of the content. Eg. Total number of files by type. I know that the quick chart feature can be pointed to lists but how can I get something similarly for my document library?

  • Or alternatively can a list be created to count details automatically from the library. Eg show unique cakes in a volume of library (document types from a column named that) and then have a count column in the list which is a calculated field to count the instances of each document type and show the total number of records...... so a two column list ? Aug 7 '19 at 19:02

You could build custom chart report by google chart.

Get data by rest api.

My test demo in below thread.


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