We have setup peoplepicker with 2 domains and it works fine in Central Admin as well as newly created sites/site collections. Existing sites/site collections unfortunately are not resolving any of the users from domain 2.

I have also followed this: https://joelblogs.co.uk/2011/06/02/sharepoint-2010-peoplepicker-not-finding-active-directory-users/ but the UserAccountDirectoryPath is empty on all sites i checked.

Anyone has any ideas on how to fix this? Steps i have taken: 1. First 2 domain setup was only on the Web Application. I then found that Central Admin also needs the setup and applied the change - able to resolve users from both Domain 1 and Domain 2 in Central Admin 2. Checked UserAccountDirectoryPath from several sites working and not working and compared as per above but all empty.

EDIT: I found that there is one site property which is different from the site where it is working and other sites. The property is the SPSite.SiteSubscription property. For the site which is working this property is empty - other sites where the peoplepicker does not work it has a subscription id and several sites listed. Could this be something?

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