I am new to the SharePoint world & I have been assigned to make a Single-page Application using any Framework (ReactJS/Angular) on SharePoint online (Microsoft 365).

The Application needs to take the whole screen, and integrate with SharePoint lists & Library.

I Have been doing some research lately, but I could not find anything straight forward that would get me going.

Edit: From my understand SPFX is used to create Web-parts that take a portion of a page. However for my case i am trying to create an App that takes over the whole page

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You can use a single part app page to develop single page application in SharePoint using SPFx. Follow below URL to try it.

Single Page App using SPFx

  • This looks promising Thanks, i'll mark it as an answer
    – zuest
    Commented Aug 7, 2019 at 16:50

As you are using SharePoint Online, you can use SharePoint Framework for development.

You can use React JS, Angular or any other JavaScript framework you are familiar with SharePoint Framework.

Following articles will help you start with SharePoint Framework.


  1. Overview of the SharePoint Framework.
  2. SharePoint Framework client-side web parts with Angular JS.
  3. SharePoint Framework - CRUD Operations Using ReactJS.
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    Thanks for your reply Sir, i have done some reading over SPFX, but what im trying to do is quite different. i want to create a an application that takes over the whole Sharepoint page. Cause from my understanding SPFX is used to create apart of a page.
    – zuest
    Commented Aug 7, 2019 at 15:45

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