We want to move 25,721 files and folders from a user's OneDrive to SharePoint online document library. So over the weekend I did 2 tests, and the "Move To" option was able to do the job, where 25,721 files and folder were moved correctly to the test SP document libraries. Then I restores the moved files/folders from the user's OneDrive recycle bin.

Yesterday I moved the files/folders to the live SharePoint online document library, where the process went smoothly where around 18,500 files/folder got moved in 4 hours, then for around 20-30 minutes the number of files and folders inside the live document library did not change, so I thought that the "Moved To" process was cancelled or face errors.

So I decided to move the remaining folders manually >> where I went to 5 sub-folders which contain many files and i move them from the user OneDrive to SharePoint, but i were checking the "Activity" section for the document library:

enter image description here

And I noted that there are files which are not inside the 5 sub-folder and are been added, so seems the original "move to" started again. now the good thing is that at the end I got 25,721 files and folders inside the live SharePoint DL, which is similar to the number i got on my 2 tests.but i am not sure if i should be fine?

I mean since I have manually moved some sub-folders which are part of the original "Move To" process? but at the end SharePoint did not prevent me from moving folders which are part of the original move (and this can happen in real life, where multiple users can move files at the same time).

So can anyone advice on this please?

Is my above scenario valid and everything should have been moved correctly?

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