I have an app part placed on a page in which i want to filter the data in the list to show. The data needs to be filtered by multiple conditions. i have most of the filtering done, but filtering by date range is proving to be problematic

i have tried using SP designer 2013 to link web parts to the list view to filter the list (source), but this solution broke paging. It could only show 1 page worth of results. The 2nd page of results was always empty.

I have also tried manipulating the url to query the list view (source), but the end result was similar to the 1st method where the 2nd page of results was always blank

These 2 methods allowed me to query the date in a range of dates but both caused paging to not work

Enterprise search feature is probably not applicable to me as i want to only be able to search data from 1 list at a time. i do not want to search across the whole site collection (or even site).

What i have now is a page with Text Filters and Date Filters that can do exact matches, but what i need is to filter the data by a range of dates. This method allows me to navigate to the 2nd page of results, but i don't see how i can incorporate a date range filter into this method.

Has anyone managed to filter data by date ranges and not break paging?

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