I try to create a cross site Lookup field extension for Sharepoint Online. The Field extention is working perfectly, as long as both lists are at the same Website but I need it to work cross site. From my research I found out that this is possible by changing the xml schema of the field. Multiple sources told me that I need to set LookupWebID and LookupList. But I still seem to have set something wrong: This is my current schema:

<Field ID="{0d83954e-ca61-4b52-aa54-583d2574eb9e}" 
Name="SPFxKontaktLookUp" DisplayName="KontaktLookUp" StaticName="KontaktLookUp" 
Type="LookupMulti" Required="FALSE" EnforceUniqueValues="FALSE" 
LookupWebId="{9c844c0e-183d-4f4a-8f2d-f0e662ce1e4a}" LookupField="Title"  
Group="SPFx Columns" ClientSideComponentId="c8e6469b-9213-4fb5-95fe-58f7836075e0" 
SourceID="{9c844c0e-183d-4f4a-8f2d-f0e662ce1e4a}" AllowDeletion="TRUE" ColName="int1" 
RowOrdinal="0" Version="26" />"

The guid of the target web is: 9c844c0e-183d-4f4a-8f2d-f0e662ce1e4a and the guid of the target List is: a83b0470-f97f-4a64-9aa2-931864743466

I also tryed changing "LookupList" to "List" and "LookupField" to "ShowField" but that didn't work. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong ?

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