What I have:
I am using SharePoint Online (Office 365). I have a publishing site with team site features enabled.

I have quick links on my main page, set to grid/tiles. Each link/tile consists of an image and a rectangle with name.

What I want to do:
I would like to change the color of the rectangle - customize the look of quick links.

What I've already tired:

  • Changing theme (doesn't change the color of quick links).
  • Using custom CSS (it's not an option with the modern experience).
  • Changing the color palette (This one still looks promising, but I wasn't able to make it work. Perhaps it's also a problem on the modern experience).

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You can configure Modern Script web part then use this web part in your main page with custom CSS code to change color of links.

There is a blog about configuring Modern Script Web Part for your reference:
SharePoint | Online | Best Practice | install Modern Script Editor Web Part for SharePoint Online Modern Site.

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