In the results for a Survey done in SharePoint 2013 (survey list - type that I'm "inheriting", if you know what I mean).

I noticed we're getting "#NAME" in some of the areas we're pulling down.

Here are the details of the survey and the field in question:

  • The columns in the survey where we're getting #NAME are calculated columns based upon some of the answers in the other questions.
  • These answers fields are CHOICE columns (radio buttons) ranged from 1-9.
  • The calculation looks something like this:

    =AVERAGE(0+[Item A value],0+[Item B value],0+[Item C value],0+[Item D value],0+[Item E value],0+[Item F value],0+[Item G value])

Based on this information, what do you see that could be causing the error?

  • To understand your issue better, please provide some screenshots about this issue and also provide these choice field settings. – Kally_MSFT Aug 1 '19 at 6:44

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