I have created several Approval flow. These flows send an approval email to approver and they work fine. Now I want to create a page (classic sharepoint) with all items of all flows to approve (something like the execution list in microsoft flow page)

enter image description here

and directly in this list approve or reject items?

The Approve Link ore Reject in the mail is something like this:

https://flow.microsoft.com/manage/environments/[TENANT GUID]/approvals/received/[FLOW GUID]/requests/[ITEM GUID]?respose=

'Approve' OR 'Reject'

 &utm_source=approvals_univ&utm_medium=email&environment=[TENANT GUID]&loginTenant=[TENANT GUID]

There is a way to get the Flow Item Guid and create a javascript function to execute?

Thanks to everybody Marco

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