I am new to Flow and want to use it to retrieve a single list item and copy it's contents to another list on a different site. I have found many guides explaining haw to retrieve all the items in a list but I only want the most recently created one (the item whose creation triggered the flow)

Can anyone suggest how to accomplish this in baby-steps as this is my first attempt at using Flow instead of SharePoint Workflows.

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In the flow, there's an "Get item" action. You could use it to get the most recently created one.

1.Create a flow, choose the trigger "When an item is created"

enter image description here

2.Then in the next step, choose the "Get item" action. Note: Make sure you choose get item instead of get items. enter image description here

  1. In the action, choose the list and ID

enter image description here


You will already get reference of current item when trigger point is item created. Use dynamic content in next action

Ref link -https://youtu.be/8-3bxdnv35c

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