We recently migrated a SharePoint (On Premise) project from IE 10 / Office 2010 / SharePoint 2013 to IE 11 / Office 2016 / SharePoint 2016.

On our old SP 2013 platform, we could open PPSX files stored in a SharePoint document library so they open in full-screen presentation mode directly. This works as long as the IE add-on "Office Document Cache Handler" (urlredir.dll, file version 14.0.7011.0) is enabled.

On the new SP 2016 platform, PPSX files open always in edit mode when opening from SharePoint. The IE add-on seems to be no more available for Office 2016. I suspect that the missing add-on causes the changed behavior.

My Questions:

  • Is there an "Office Document Cache Handler" add-on available which works with IE 11 / Office 2016 / SharePoint 2016? Or was the add-on replaced by something else (other add-on or built-in IE functionality)?
  • Is there a way to open PPSX files in PowerPoint directly in presentation mode?

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