I am working on a sharepoint online custom list, and the list contain these 2 main fields:-

  1. Status. drop-down with options; new,open,closed
  2. Publish Date.

now i want to prevent users from creating/editing an item and change its "Status" to "Closed" unless they specify a value for the "Publish Date".

now i want to use the modern experience, as if in classic mode i can simply add a script editor web part and do the validation using javascript. but what are the options i have to do this validation in modern experience ? and can i benefit from list or field validation to do such a validation (as list/field validation will work on modern UI)..


Add a list validation formula. I'll reword your request to make sure we are talking about the same thing:

Status cannot be 'Closed' if 'Publish Date' is blank.

  • Go to List Settings, and click Validation settings.
  • Enter a formula similar to this one:

    =NOT( AND( ISBLANK( [Publish Date] ), [Status] = "Closed" ) )

  • Enter an error message.

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