I seem to be struggling to set multiple values into SetFieldValueByValueCollection Method.

My code snippet below is:

var fieldToUpdate = list.Fields.GetByInternalNameOrTitle("Enterprise Keywords"); 
var taxKeywordField = context.CastTo<TaxonomyField>(fieldToUpdate);

string fieldvalue = "-1;#Test|dfb5ae8e-6271-4b27-86ea-0ff04a3292b0;-1;#TestAdditional|b9033830-9f74-4e1d-baaa-7711beeed141";
taxKeywordField.SetFieldValueByValueCollection(uploadFile.ListItemAllFields, new TaxonomyFieldValueCollection(context, fieldvalue, taxKeywordField));


The error I recieve back is:

The given value for a taxonomy field was not formatted in the required < int > ; # < label >| format.

If I pass 1 parameter in -1;#Test|dfb5ae8e-6271-4b27-86ea-0ff04a3292b0 it works. I have tried varying the input string to -1;#Test|dfb5ae8e-6271-4b27-86ea-0ff04a3292b0;#TestAdditional|b9033830-9f74-4e1d-baaa-7711beeed141 and tried to run multiple updates on the field which overrides the field with the last term.

What am I doing wrong?

  • can you try with -1;#Test|dfb5ae8e-6271-4b27-86ea-0ff04a3292b0;#-1;#TestAdditional|b9033830-9f74-4e1d-baaa-7711beeed141 ? Jul 22, 2019 at 12:39
  • Thanks. 100% correct. Was missing the #. Just overlooked it, somehow, in all the examples.
    – Derrick
    Jul 22, 2019 at 12:54

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Looks like you are setting the delimiter incorrectly.

The correct format is "<int>;#<label>|<guid> with ;# delimiter between the terms.

So modifying your string to

-1;#Test|dfb5ae8e-6271-4b27-86ea-0ff04a3292b0;#-1;#TestAdditional|b9033830-9f74-4e1d-baaa-7711beeed141 should work.

  • Thank you. Something so small I just kept on missing.
    – Derrick
    Jul 22, 2019 at 12:52

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