We are testing some JQuery function on SharePoint 2016 on-premise farm. The same function works fine for Chrome and IE. We can directly open the browser and open the site without type in login/password. NTLM is using.

Our Firefox version is 60.8.0esr (32 bit). In about:config, network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris;.myfirm.xyz is set. myfirm.xyz is our company domain and the SharePoint url is https://sharepoint.myfirm.xyz

We found 2 issues ONLY on Firefox. Chrome and IE have no problem.

  1. When open SharePoint with firefox, about 30% chance it will jump to "secure connection failed" page. After refresh or reopen firefox users could get in.
  2. When we load some SharePoint page with custom jquery, css/js are not loading. Please see screenshot. On first load ALL the css and js files are getting 401. After refresh it get empty status and response header size is 0GB. All the css/js files are stored in /SiteAssets/jquery/ of same site. If we browse the css/js file URL directly using Firefox, it can be downloaded without prompt or error.

What's the problem with Firefox and how should I troubleshoot? Thanks for your advice.

enter image description here

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