I'm trying to delete a video file that is saved inside a SharePoint online library and always gives me the error "You have to delete all the items in this folder before you can delete the folder". The user has the permissions to do it, also the item is not locked or check out.

I try deleting the file from SharePoint Designer and I can see that the video is actually a folder that has:

  1. Video File
  2. Folder: "Preview Images"
  3. Folder: "Additional Content"

If I delete each folder and file from here. I was able to finally delete the video from the library, but this is not a solution, for all the users.

Has anyone experience something like that?

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It seems the default behavior due to the retention policy.

More information check the threads:

Cannot delete folders with items in them - Bug or Feature?

How can we improve compliance or protect your users better in Office 365?

  • Indeed, thank you for your answer, there was a retention policy implemented to the site collection and that was causing the problem. Aug 23, 2019 at 20:41

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