I need to create a custom column or calculated column to display auto increment number (like serial number) from the specific field name wise (group field wise) from the list. For example,


    name     type           
    ABC      merchant       
    DEF      employee
    GHI      merchant
    JKL      merchant

Then i want the result like,


    name     type           SN   
    ABC      merchant       1
    DEF      employee       1
    GHI      merchant       2
    JKL      merchant       3
    MNO      employee       2
    PQR      customer       1

How can I achieve this from SharePoint or InfoPath Form? Any help would be appreciate.


Create a workflow for item Created, when new item created, call rest api to filter based on 'type' and get count of matched items, then update SN.

Call rest api in SharePoint designer 2013 workflow

Count rest api items count. enter image description here

SharePoint rest api filter.

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