I can't seems to figure-out how to make the below workflow works.

I have a simple lists that has an ID expiration date and A status field to show if "Active" or "Expired" based on the ID Expiration date.

Basically the workflow should check the "ID Expiration Date" daily and if it is greater than [Today] date, it will set the Status field value to "Active" and "Expired" if less than [Today] date.

Your help is much appreciated!

enter image description here


How did you set the workflow Start Options?

The workflow only run when it is triggered, it will not run daily by default.

For your requirement, you can use Information Management Policy to trigger your workflow. You can create a retention rule and based on the "ID Expiration Date" to trigger your workflow. And in your workflow, you could just add actions to update the fields that you want.

Using The Information Management Policy (Specifically The Retention Policy) In SharePoint 2010

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