Sorry if this is a little long winded.

So I have two Document Libraries. A "Drop Off" (Not the one from the Content Organizer Site feature, just a lib called "Drop Off") and "Resting" library.

The site has a Content Type that is inherited from the Content Type hub. This Content Type is then extended on the site to add an additional Lookup column "Employee" this Extended Content Type is then shared between the libraries mentioned above.

In the "Drop Off", I plug the meta data in, I.E. the "Employee" col, and once that is complete I have a 2013 Workflow that moves the document to the "Resting" library.

Now, on other sites this works just fine, no issue. On this one site I have, all the other meta data is stable across the library, but the "Employee" field does not come over.

If I manually move the file back to the Drop Off, the data is there, then if I move it back to Resting, it's missing again. Almost as if they were really two separate columns. But I don't think this is the case as when I pull up the Site Setting Columns in parallel, the "Employee" col indicates that it is a part of the Content Type shared betwix the libraries.

Has anyone seen this before? Advice? Questions?

Thanks in advance!

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Per my test, this works on my end. No metadata missing. Please check the following:

  1. Make sure you have added the content type to the "Drop Off" library and "Resting" library.
  2. Try to remove the column then re-add it and see if it works.
  • Thanks for the response. Yes, the same content type is on both libs. If I delete the Column on the resting library, wont I lose all the data that is currently on the documents already at rest with that column filled in?
    – Daniel W
    Jul 15, 2019 at 17:55

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