I'm getting an exception when trying to checkout a file within Sharepoint using CSOM (C#). I was hoping someone could shed some light on what might be wrong?

This is a snippet of the code that's running:

public class SharePointClient : IDisposable
        public ClientContext ClientContext { get; private set; }
        private string FullWebUrl { get; set; }
        public Web Web { get; private set; }        
        public SharePointClient(string fullWebUrl)
            ClientContext = new ClientContext(fullWebUrl);
            Web = ClientContext.Web;
            this.FullWebUrl = fullWebUrl;

        public bool CheckoutFileIfExists(string fileUrl)
            var fileRelativeUrl = new Uri(fileUrl).AbsolutePath;
            var fileItem = ClientContext.Web.GetFileByServerRelativeUrl(fileRelativeUrl);
                if (ClientContext.HasPendingRequest)

                if (fileItem.Exists)

                if (ClientContext.HasPendingRequest)
            catch (Exception e)
                if (e.Message.ToLower() == "file not found.")
                    return false;
                    throw e; //this is thrown
            return true;

This is the calling code. URL is a valid document within my Sharepoint enviroment:

    string url = "http://mysharepointsite.com/sites/a/123456/109876/Shared%20Documents/test%20doc.docx.";
    var xx = new SharePointClient(url);

The exception is

Cannot contact site at the specified URL http://mysharepointsite.com/sites/a/123456/109876/Shared%20Documents/test%20doc.docx. There is no Web named "/sites/a/123456/109876/Shared Documents/test doc.docx/_vti_bin/sites.asmx".

Clearly it's getting the URL wrong and can't find the Web. I'm unsure why this is though as I have verified that I can get a valid ClientContext from my URL & then by accessing its .Web property it should be valid?

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