The code below opens a new item in Iframe/modal dialog. But when the user saves or closes the modal form i would like it to be closed and not redirected to any other page.

Is there any way I can close the modal form when the item is saved.

The option to create a custom form with all the controls seems a bit long winded.

<PrimaryButton text={'Open Dialog'} onClick={this._onClick.bind(this)} />
<PrimaryButton text={'Open Clients Form'} onClick={this._onClientClick.bind(this)} />
    isBlocking: true
    type: DialogType.close,
    showCloseButton: true
  height={'900px'} />

How do i get a handle of the Iframe and check if the src is still pointing to the same url . I can close the modal dialog.

private _closeModal = (): void => {
    this.setState({ showModForm: false });
  private _onDlgDismiss(): void {
      isDlgOpen: false

  private _onDlgLoaded(): void {

    console.log('dlg is loaeded');

You can create a custom dialog box in SPFx to achieve it.

The following articles for your reference.

SPFx: Modal Dialog, show classic SharePoint forms

Use custom dialog boxes with SharePoint Framework Extensions

  • Thank you for the reply. I did you the code sample from the link you suggested. As explained in the question i need to close the iframe after the item is saved. By default the item is saved but redirected to another page or to the allitems page by default. – user1339913 Jul 10 '19 at 16:40

Use the pnp-SPFX-Controls for open page in popup as similar to classic



You can use the callback from iframeOnLoad. Check the url to see ith the dialog should stay open. If not: just call the dissmiss handler like this:

      url={state.iframeUrl} hidden={!state.iframeShow}
      iframeOnLoad={(iframe) => this.onIFrameLoad(iframe)}
      onDismiss={(event) => this.onIFrameDismiss(event)}
      modalProps={{ isBlocking: true, containerClassName: '' }}
      dialogContentProps={{ type: DialogType.close, showCloseButton: true }}
      width='800px' height='600px'

      private async onIFrameLoad(iframe: any) {
        // HTMLIFrameElement .contentWindow .location .href
        let keepOpen = iframe.contentWindow.location.href.indexOf('Form.aspx?ID=') > 0;
        if (!keepOpen) {

      private async onIFrameDismiss(event: React.MouseEvent) {
        this.setState({ iframeShow: false });

using https://sharepoint.github.io/sp-dev-fx-controls-react/controls/IFrameDialog/#how-to-use-this-control-in-your-solutions

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